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    121 = one to one
    2u = to you
    2u2 = to you too
    b4 = before
    b4n = bye for now
    cul8r = see you later
    f2f = face to face
    g2g = got to go
    gr8 = great/grate
    h2 = how to
    ilu2 = I love you too
    ily4e = I love you forever
    m8 = mate
    l8r = later
    w8 = wait/weight
    w8ing = waiting
    aka = also known as
    bil = brother-in-law
    bion = believe it or not
    bol = best of luck
    eta = estimated time of arrival
    fil = father-in-law
    foaf = friend of a friend
    ga = go ahead
    gigo = garbage in garbage out
    gowi = get on with it
    hand = have a nice Daây km môùi
    ilu = ily = I love you
    ime = in my experience
    imo = in my opinion
    inpo = in no particular order
    iwik = I wish I knew
    jam = just a minute
    jit = just in time
    kiss = keep it simple stupid
    kol = kiss on lips
    may = mad about you
    mil = mother-in-law
    nyp = not your problem
    pest = please excuse slow typing
    rumf = are you male or female ?
    sah = stay at home
    sil = sister-in-law
    sit = stay in touch
    sot = short of time
    sul = syl = see you later
    b = be/bee
    c = see/sea
    i = I/eye
    k = okay
    r = are
    t = tea
    u = you/ewe
    cu = see you
    ic = I see
    iou = I owe you
    uok = you okay ?
    aamof = as a matter of fact
    afaict = as far as I can tell
    aiui = as I understand it
    atb = all the best
    bbfn = bye bye for now
    bbiam = be back in a minute
    bbl = be back later
    btaicbw = but then again I could bewrong
    bttp = back to the point
    cmiiw = correct me if I"m wrong
    cwyl = chat with you later
    damhik = don"t ask me how I know
    dtrt = do the right thing
    dttah = don"t try this at home
    ducwic = do you see what I see
    dwisnwid = do what I say not what I do
    ftbomh = from the bottom of my heart
    fya = for your amusement
    fyi = for your information
    gfn = gone for now
    gg = got to go
    gl = good luck
    gtg = got to go
    gtgn = got to go now
    hoas = hold on a second
    hth = hope this helps
    iccl = I couldn"t care less
    ikwum = I know what you mean
    iykwim = if you know what I mean
    iyswim = if you see what I mean
    nmp = not my problem
    noyb = none of your business
    tafn = that"s all for now
    tc = take care
    tlc = tender loving care
    tmiktliu = the more I know the less I
    ttbomk = to the best of my knowledge
    ttul = ttyl = talk to you later
    twimc = to whom it may concern
    vh = virtual hug
    wdymbt = what do you mean by that ?
    yhbw = you have been warned
    A.V = audio_visual (nghe nhìn)
    M.C = master of ceremony (người dẫn chương trình)
    C/C = carbon copy (bản sao)
    P. S = postscript (tái bút)
    e.g = exempli gratia (ví dụ , chẳng hạn)
    etc = et cetera (vân vân)
    W.C = Water_closet (nhà vệ sinh)
    ATM = automatic teller machine (máy thanh toán tiền tự động)
    VAT = value addex tax (thuế giá trị gia tăng)
    AD = Anno Domini = years after
    Christ's birth (sau công nguyên)
    BC = before Christ (trước công nguyên)
    a.m = ante meridiem (nghĩa là trước buổi trưa)
    p.m = post meridiem (nghĩa là sau buổi trưa)
    ENT (y học) = ear , nose , and throat (tai , mũi , họng)
    I.Q = intelligence quotient (chỉ số thông minh)
    B.A = bachelor of arts (cử nhân văn chương)
    A.C = alternating current (dòng điện xoay chiều)
    plz = please
    IC = I see
    4u = for u
    asl = age, sex, location (tuổi, giới tính, nơi ở)
    u = you
    afk = away from keyboard
    bbl = be back later
    bbiab = be back in a bit
    kkz = okay
    ttyl = talk to you later
    lv a mess = leave a message
    lata = later [ bye]
    n2m = not too much [when asked wassup]
    newayz = anyways
    gtg = gotta go
    noe = know
    noperz = no
    yupperz = yes
    lol = laughing out loud
    teehee = cười [giggle]
    lmfao = laughing my f*ckin' *ss off
    nah = no
    nuthin' = nothing
    BS = b*ll sh*t
    TTYL = talk to you later
    LD = later, dude
    OIC = oh I see
    PPL = people
    sup = what's up
    wan2tlk = want to talk?
    wkd = weekend
    dts = dont think so
    cul8r = see you later
    aas = alive and smiling
    gf = girlfriend
    g2g = got to go
    ga = go ahead
    ilu = i love you
    rme = rolling my eyes
    ss = so sorry
    spk = speak
    stw = search the web
    thx = thanks
    tc = take care
    sul = see you later
    gol = giggling out loud
    hru = how are you
    ybs = you'll be sorry
    wuf? = where are you from?
    bc = because
    bbl = be back later
    otb = off to bed
    np = no problem
    nbd = no big deal
    tam = tomorrow A.M
    tu = thank you
    bf = boy friend
    b4 = before
    wtg = way to go
    brb = be right back
    btw = by the way
    channel = another name for room or chat room
    cya = see ya
    gmta = great minds think alike
    imho = in my humble opinion
    j/k = just kidding
    irl = in real life
    lag = this occurs when a server gets
    overloaded and transfer of messages
    becomes extremely slow.
    rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing, like this
    server = the entry portal for a network;
    most networks have at least two, some
    have many servers
    ttfn = ta ta for now
    ttyl = talk to you later
    wb = welcome back
    gg = good game
    lmao = laugh my ass off
    wtf? = what the ****?
    coz = cause
    nmjc = nothing much just chilling
    g2g = get to go
    g9 = good night
    ty = thank you
    wth = what the heck
    cuz = cause
    dun = dont
    know = no
    omg = oh my god
    dt = double team !
    msg = message
    nvm = never mind
    asap = as soon as possible
    gg = good game
    lmao = laugh my ass off
    coz = cause
    nmjc = nothing much just chiliing
    hs = head shot
    ns = nice shot
    n = and
    da = the
    'em = them.
    t' = to.
    'im = him
    m' = me.
    aim = american instant message.
    dun = don't
    yss or yep = yes
    wanna = want to
    sup = what's up?
    roommie = roommate.
    pal, dude, mate = friend.

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