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    (VOR) coordinates all of the components ([link]), both sensory and motor, that make this possible. If the head rotates in one direction—for example, to the right—the horizontal pair of semicircular canals in the inner ear indicate the movement by increased activity on the right and decreased activity on the left. The information is sent to the abducens nuclei and oculomotor nuclei on either side to coordinate the lateral and medial rectus muscles. The left lateral rectus and right medial rectus muscles will contract, rotating the eyes in the opposite direction of the head, while nuclei controlling the right latera Focused In l rectus and left medial rectus muscles will be inhibited to reduce antagonism of the contracting muscles. These actions stabilize the visual field by compensating for the head rotation with opposite rotation of the eyes in the orbits. Deficits in the VOR may be related to vestibular damage, such as in Ménière’s disease, or from dorsal brain stem damage that would affect the eye movement nuclei or their connections through the MLF. If the head is turned in one direction, the coordination of that movement with the fixation of the eyes on a visual stimulus involves a circuit that ties the vestibular sense with the eye movement nuclei through the MLF. An iconic part of a doctor’s visit is the inspection of the oral cavity and pharynx, suggested by the

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    - Khi có bất kỳ link nào bị xoá, die hoặc không tải được, hoặc cần trợ giúp... xin vui lòng thông báo qua Group Hỗ Trợ Cài Phần Mềm

    huong dan tai file

    Hướng Dẫn Nhận 100k Thẻ Cào Miễn Phí: chỉ trong thời gian 1/11/2016 - 30/12/2016
    nhan the cao 100k momo mien phi

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